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Art in Nature: The Nature of Art Festival

FREE admission multidisciplinary performing arts Festival located at the

Stream Trail of Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, California

Sunday September 21, 2014 from 11am to 5pm

The Art in Nature Festival is an interdisciplinary, interactive, site‑specific immersion into art and nature sparking the spontaneous artistic co‑creation of thousands of festival participants and 200+ professional artists featuring music, dance, sculpture, painting, martial arts, poetry, body painting, circus arts, theater, visual arts, storytelling, arts & crafts, and kids events. It is free, produced by Samavesha, and takes place every Fall in the Redwood Regional Forest of Oakland, California.

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Imagine a free admission performing and visual arts festival among ancient trees and open meadows, with festivalgoers engaged with nature and art in a multitude of ways. This is the annual Art in Nature: The Nature of Art Festival, held along the Stream Trail in Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, California, and featuring over 200 artists and arts groups.

The festival title reflects two distinct aims:

    Art in Nature: performing different expressions of art in nature.

    The Nature of Art: revealing the artists’ process, techniques, and tools.

The festival is guided by the principle that all art forms originate from a universal human characteristic—creativity. Our festival conveys this universality by revealing the creative process in a variety of art forms, and also by giving festivalgoers access to their own creativity through many participatory activities and performances. Art in Nature: the Nature of Art Festival is an occasion for artists to be heard, seen, discovered and celebrated.

Founder and Artistic Director Laura Inserra is an Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist with over 15 years’ experience writing and performing music for theater, dance, art exhibits, and film. In 2007, Inserra founded Samavesha. In addition to the Art in Nature: The Nature of Art Festival, Samavesha produces the annual Cave Concerts in the Marin Headlands, the Rose Labyrinth performing series, and a Community Program located at schools, camps, health care facilities, community centers and parks.